Russian Restaurant Troikka

Ravintola Troikka tunnelma

History of the Troikka

You can find a little pearl, Russian Restaurant called TROIKKA. The restaurant has been there from the 20ies and has a colourful history.

For some years the owner was Colonel Barring who had served in The Russian Czars army. People called his restaurant the "Russky's Bar". In those days the decoration was, to put it nicely, a little bit on the ascetic side. At least as "ascetic" were the paintings which had been given as payments for the meals. The painter, however, was nothing less than Juri Repin, the son of the famous Ilja Repin.

People like to call TROIKKA "the Friendly Russian". When entering the restaurant you can immidiately sense why. Often there is either the host or the hostess wellcoming guests to their homelike, beautifully decorated restaurant.


Russian Restaurant Troikka
Caloniuksenkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
050-3407 100, 09-445 229

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